Feb 4, 2009

One of those long and ponderousentries entries...

I had my phone interview with the prospective employer yesterday.

Overall, I think it went well, I stumbled through the first few minutes, and I could feel my answers being somewhat incoherent at times, but I am to fly out to meet the company later this February, and if all goes well, I am to start the position tentatively by March 1st.

We talked, and at the most perfect time, when they were saying, "Well, we would like to fly you out,..." The phone disconnected. Wakka wakka wakka. Thankfully, my cell phone I never use was charged so I was able to call back.

It had been almost 4 years since I have had an interview, and the previous interview was quite easy, I slapped my portfolio down, and their jaws about dropped open, or at least I say that, to make this blog more interesting. At least their eyes widened, and you could tell that I was just answering questions as a formality. Essentially, they had contacted me through a referral, and I feel the AD was sold on hiring me prior to the interview because he had seen my works through the internet.

Previous to that interview, it was in a corporate setting, where the main hiring manager came in 15 minutes late, and I had already expended my silver bullets with the other interviewers who didn't matter. That interview was lost from the beginning. It seems in the corporate world, when interviewing, most of the time, there are already those who have been groomed for the position. I could probably write in length on that experience as it was one of the most disappointing, yet most valuable life lessons I ever received. It was from then on, I suppose you might say I became almost arrogant in the sense that, I no longer want to supplicate to perceived higher authorities to give me a chance to make money for them. If I was to take placement, it would be through being headhunted rather than trying to submit resumes and trying to get my foot in the door.

If you have ever attempted to search for jobs, you can know how disappointing it is. The doors are usually closed unless you know someone on the inside, regardless of if you are the best candidate for the position.

It's not actual arrogance than it is about knowing what I can provide or not provide, that I don't necessarily seek out jobs. From the humiliation of being rejected regardless of my true worth, I decided that I would rather start to work on my skills, market, and hope that work would come to me. And it's proven to work for the last year or so, as I am often contacted to do freelance work from unsolicited businesses, as well as on occassion job offers from really solid companies.

What's refreshing about the prospective company is that they approached me after judging me on my whole identity beforehand, they know extensively about me, my work, and my work habits, so it's not by a Good Ole Boy system that they approached me.

I guess the main issue about becoming employed again which was raised by the interviewer, is why is Jimiyo, the artist, now considering taking a job that may not necessarily be a position in which he is not creating art?

Yup, it's not an art position.

Also, although this is not something they do not know about my stance on employment, why would I take a job when I believe that the road to financial independence is through working for oneself? (Via Robert Kiyosaki)

Those are very important questions.

I guess in summation, I believe that, though the road may seemingly deviate from my plan of figuring out how to earn a living through my art and my own business, it will be parallel to the road or even helpful, as there is a great possibility that the position will greatly increase my visibility as an artist to the internet world thus increasing the potential in which the likelihood of success of attaining greater returns on my individual efforts should increase. HOPEFULLY.

Also hopefully being out in LA, I will be closer to other aritst's and artist communities that will spur my growth as an artist.

Though this may seem to be a haughty comment, I feel like in Nashville, I am a big fish in a small pond of artists. Los Angeles seems to be a larger hub for art, so if I do actually continue to paint in acrylics or whatever medium I pursue, it will be a better place I think to test the waters, as well as find some inspiration from other artists that are successful, if I actually start gallery hopping and networking.

Besides, art is mostly subjective, and my theory on how an artist achieves success beyond mastering one's own craft, is through building and forming the perception of success in audiences through getting published, winning contests/awards, spreading the artist persona through different locations so it seems that the artist's work is ubiquitously accepted through various outlets. It is a theory. Somewhat tested, seemingly true. Though it is through works, it is also greatly dependent on you asking the audience to increase their perceived value of your work.

Frankly, just the notion that small town artist Jimiyo from Nashville packs all his crap in a tiny car to move out to California to pursue art and to become a figure for a large and upcoming company affiliated with spreading a tremendous amount of art into the world, sounds impressive. It's perfect fodder for press releases and interviews. Although in reality, I am still sacrificing a significant amount of my time for a 'job' not doing art, it will still carry with it advantages that I could not attain otherwise.

Besides, I've been unemployed or freelancing for almost 2 years now, I feel like working, and making designs is fun, but I almost sick of making shirts. The process has become somewhat boring, although it is still very cool when I end up making a cool design, the expression is somewhat stilted.

Also, I am not worried the position will suck the life out of my own art making. If you look at my portfolio, some of my best works IMO was during 2005, when I was working 45-55 hours as a sales representative. Time to take it back old school and start doing portraits again.

Also, I live so spartan, I think I might be able to save a tremendous amount of money while I am there. Be it a year, two years, or five, if I ever decide to leave California and come back to Nashville, Ill be able to drop incredibly large for a downpayment on a house if I wanted, or live freely without a job or clients/take a extended sabbatical as I did recently.

I think everything will be OK. I will miss my family, and some of my long time Nashville friends, but thank goodness for the internet.

Also, I think my coworkers are going to be pretty awesome and uplifting.

Oh yeah, the position calls that I be a figure representative of the company online, so I am hoping that it will spur my writing. I enjoy writing, as well as teaching or informing as it's in my nature to be analytical and generally helpful in sharing.

It might just be the perfect scenario for my life at this time.

Also, apparently the chicks are hot out there... ;j

We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing a bit about the hiring process. Interesting stuff.

I was going to suggest focusing more on painting and easing up on the apparel work, but didn’t want to come across as getting rid of the competition. You seem to be heading in that direction anyway, so, good luck!

That job sounds like an awesome opportunity. Hopefully the personal meeting will go smoothly.

Liviu said...

well, this is big news...and i am pshyched for you, hope everything goes well and you do both moolah and the art that makes you happy.
PS: i had the first comment, but my boss entered mid-writing and i had to close the window.
all my love J-man:)!

Rude Retro said...

Good luck man.
I think working is a good way to learn to appreciate when you are not working.

John aka Endgame Clothing said...

Good luck with everything.

And, yes, the chicks are totally hot out here! Let me know when coming and I'll have a whole bunch of them waiting for you at the border.

jimiyo said...

RobGreen: Aye, I hope I will continue to paint or at least maintain my artist persona out there. It would be a waste of last years efforts if I didn't.

Liviu: For real, it will be big. What's cool is that, even if it doesn't fall through, it will have put my mind in a different point of view, so...

RudeRetro: I agree. I miss working and trying to perform well.

Endgame: Ha. I didnt realize you were out there! Where are you exactly?

John aka Endgame Clothing said...

I'm in Orange County...Yorba Linda to be specific.

Where are you headed to?

brian said...

Good luck on your job!

and yes, the girls down here are pretty hot.

kwilder said...

Jimiyo, This sounds really exciting for you, I hope things work out!