Feb 14, 2009

Finally, I'm a Threadless Winner & Please Vote!

DBH Lyon Design Approved

Please Vote!
Please Vote!
Please Vote!
Please Vote!
Please Vote!

So, I finally won over at Threadless, it's in the window! I assume it goes on sale Monday.

Here's the one if you don't see it.

I'm happy, probably Proud in fact, to say that my design looks NOTHING like the others.

Outside the Box Baby.



ameeeee said...

Supercalafrickenawesome Jim Jimi!! Glad you finally revealed!

VRizo said...

It's a great design no doubt, but your distressing effect looks cheap. It could benefit from a better distress rather than some random scratches.

Good luck though ;)

AttilaTheMom said...

Yay! Congrats Jimi. :)