Jan 8, 2009

Rain Song & Black Mountain Side & Only in Dreams Update

You should at least watch the first one, it's sublime.

Rain Song

Black Mountain Side

Small update. It's ready to be transferred to the 12 x 16 hardboard.


VRizo said...

Thanks for the links! Rain song has to be one of my favorite Zeppelin songs.

And good timing, too. The 9th is Jimmy Page's 65th :D

Chadlonius said...

Hey, is this entirely pencil or is there a digital element to this drawing? either way, its a great start.

jimiyo said...

VRizo: :D

Chad: there are some digital elements in the semi final. the bg is pencil then duplicated, and the shading was great enhanced by photoshop airbrush.

what you see in the photo is actually four pieces of paper taped together on top or carbon paper. the image's contrast was brought down to save on ink and make it easier to see when i trace my own work. although i kinda enjoy the very light, low contrast tonal image. i might actually paint it like that.

Rude Retro said...

Hey Jimiyo,

OT, but was wondering if you knew about this t-shirt contest:

I couldn't find your contact detail.

jimiyo said...

Noice find Rude Retro. I might have to submit, although I am weary/distrusting of external contests beyond the proven DBH, Woot, TL, etc. Thanks!