Jan 2, 2009

Please Vote!

I also still need some votes on this design.

Here's a joke entry entitled "Rainbows come from a hateful pony named Fred." Created with my friend in mind... XD

Despite his hate, woe, wooooeee unto Fred, he couldnt help but to spread happiness and wonder to those below who looked upon his rainbow fart with glee and mouths open wide with teeth glinting.

Fred hated everyone.
He hated more that everyone loved his farts.
He didn't want anyone to be happy, but damnit, his farts made everyone smile.
It didn't matter what he ate, rainbow farts just came on coming.


Also, he regretted getting those g a y star tattoos that one time he got drunk. He should have gotten a badass Danzig tat.


Erica said...

So...how does one vote?

Anonymous said...

Click on the image and it should take you the appropriate site where the design is in voting status. If you are not a member of the site, you may have to join. I don't expect you to join unless you really like the site and want to participate.

I appreciate your help!