Jan 4, 2009

"I'm gettin' my life together..."

Overheard at the local gas market,

boy: "hey girl sup?"

girl: "oh hey, how's it goin?"

boy: "you buying cigarettes?"

girl: "yeah, what don't you smoke?"

boy: "im quittin, i'm gettin my life together."

then the boy rolled up his sleeve to show the outline of his new tattoo, which at a glance was mostly a book, and "HOLY BIBLE" emblazoned on it.

then he proceeded to ask her if she had any weed, and if she needed to get some, and if she did, he could hook her up.

it was pretty awesome. she was pretty cute.

afterwards i thought, no matter how cute a girl is, i would never date a pot smoker ever again. dope fiends aint got no love except for the dope, or at least it has to be a Ménage à trois with another dope fiend and pot, that way, its like a love triangle.


ameeeee said...

Haha that story sounds like it's straight out of Clerks II - http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=d4sJTnmnWCo

ameeeee said...

PS..good to see you painting!