Jan 3, 2009

Awesome Website & Running & Learned Optimism

This site has outlines of some interesting books that way you don't have to read em! Woot!

On Running

Been running since October '08.
Couldn't run a mile then.
December 31st, '08, I accomplished 4 miles without stopping.
Then did it again on the 1st, and today.
4 miles is the new minimum.
I attained it by going further than the point at which I would usually turn around, that way, when returning the finish line was further.

Learned Optimism


John aka Endgame Clothing said...

Good for you, Jimi. I just ran my first 5k a few months ago. I did it in 27 minutes, 10 seconds. I'm 38, so I feel pretty damn good about it.

Prior to June 2008, I had never run any real distance. I can honestly say that it is my greatest personal discovery since beer. It's just as I get older, the beer doesn't seem to be helping me the way I once thought it did :-)


jimiyo said...

Hey John. Nice to meet ya. I think I saw a comment on an earlier blog, but I don't think I commented on anything that post.

That's awesome that you did a 5K. It's one of my "to do" actions for this year.

I have several friends about your age, they always make some excuse like a bum knee or whatever, so you sir, are a winner! :D

Beer to is also one of my guilty pleasures.

Anyways. Solid clothing line man. I like the concept.

John aka Endgame Clothing said...

Jimi, thanks for the kind words with my line. One of my immediate goals is to be able to afford your brand of bitchen for the next set of designs.

I am a HUGE fan of your work and I am also a fan of your struggle/journey/whatever. So I hope you don't mind some other Internet jackass putting in his 2 cents.