Jan 15, 2009

Acrylic Girl03 - Now wit Daylight & Mood

I took a photo in daylight. Inside photos are weak. The colors are much more lush in daylight, which is an odd problem because I work on the image inside, so even taking the painting out of my room into a brighter room visibly makes a difference in how I see the saturation. Also the daylight photo has washed out the details.

I'm kinda scared to mess it up so I'm not sure if I am going to color it. I'm almost content with the tonal aesthetic anyways.

Mood. I'm melancholic today. Maybe it's just the chemicals in my brain. Started on a t-shirt design. Going to take a break from painting for a couple days and try to design myself a paycheck. :P

That's better... :D


Shana said...

Don't be askeered to use color. Color is your friend (so are glazes!).

Shana said...

Oh..and lighting is almost always an issue. They make UV lights for artists, but I find a "bright white" bulb in the studio usually does the trick. The worst is painting under really bright lights and then taking it outside to find a very dark painting (learned that one the hard way.)

kat said...

unrelated to this particular post: Thanks for the link <3

jimiyo said...

shana: :D i think i might buy one of those natural light lamps... maybe. kinda expensive, prolly worth it.

kat: you talking about from teefury? if so, how did you even see that cause it wasnt up to the public unless you know secretz. or was it something else...? :D

if i follow through on this painting think, im going to approach youngblood to maybe put me up in a show... if ever, we should hang out! that's a very iffy if ever. also, if i ever do come down to Atl, we should go run!.... iF i continue running. who knows. hope you are doing awesome!