Dec 4, 2008

New Design Wip: Baroque Hokusai & A Confession & Client Work Dump

Ever seen my client work? I compiled my favorite for my portoflio. First quarter 2008.

New Design Wip: Baroque Hokusai

I've sent Missmonster the collaboration piece so in the meanwhile, I started a new design. Not sure about it...

A Confession

I've been bothered lately of a memory of something I did in the past. I need to absolve myself of it.

The first time I got a cell phone, I got one of those hip clips, and I wore my cell phone out in public on a hip clip even though I rarely ever answer my phone.

That was only for a few hours until I realized I was being a douchebag.

Just saying. I need to get that off my chest.



ameeeee said...

Yo Mr Jimi, that's quite a confession - have a also seen a photo of you wearing a bum bag? (I think in American it is fanny pack)

Javier Quijano Llicán said...

Muy buenos trabajos

jimiyo said...

haha, yes i have worn a fanny pack. and i aint too proud yo... they are useful.

both instances, i dont regret it. at a show selling shirts, its handy to keep the bills in, and on the road trip ridin horses, its handy to keep my camera, etc. :) heheh.

i have many more things i am ashamed of...

kat said...

I like it. It looks like ocean and mountain peaks in one. I'd display it on my chest.