Dec 19, 2008

Free Wallpaper & New Contest Entry & Accountability

Accountability - I know this isn't necessary, but I always wonder when something is for charity if they actually put the money somewhere... In regards to Hope Phoenix Charity shirt.

I said I never go back, but I did anyways.

Quick illi.


artulo said...

Thanks! Put it up right away. Nice work as usual...are you really going to enter this week's shirt.woot contest?! good luck to you

SailorButterfly said...

Love the colors you used. It looks awesome!

kwilder said...

wow, you must be a masochist.

jimiyo said...

thanks friends.
we'll see how the woot entry goes. i keep no hopes. ill actually shit my pants if i win. that would be CRAZY. not to win, but to shit my pants, cause you know, im an adult. ba zing!

kwilder: HA. derive pleasure from pain... not so much. no pain no gain though? i had a foolish though. if i did 52 weeks of woot, i could probably snag a few wins right? and it would keep me fresh.

woot is a different mentality. although i belittle the consumer base, and make jokes, it actually does help one try to think up ideas on the fly. meh. i hate getting caught up and checking the votes. dont know. will have to disconnect myself from it emotionally.

kwilder said...

Well, I am certainly not in a position to diagnose, but you do keep coming back. Which, I gotta admit, makes me happy, so more power to you!