Nov 24, 2008

On Volunteering & Design WIP Update: Nothing is Written

So several weeks ago, I blogged about "being bored" and after some suggestions made some contacts in hopes to investigate some volunteering opportunities. It never worked out. I never created a situation to have an opportunity to volunteer for anything.

But from the experience, I feel like I learned that I'm not the kind of person to volunteer. I don't have that kind of heart.

AND I am OK with that.

I have a good heart sure, but not enough to be motivated to engage in charitable volunteering opportunities. (Maybe I am not lonely enough? or otherwise bored enough?)

I mean well.

And here's a truism I derived from that last comment.

Most people mean well, but meaning well don't mean shit.

Also, the problem I suppose of "being bored" has been solved temporarily by my new hobby of running. It encompasses at least 6-8 hours of my week. It's been about two months since I started.

I suppose I could somehow misconstrue my running as a volunteering opportunity. Beyond its health benefits, I have no other motivation to run than to help my roommate get in shape for the Police Academy. If he is able to pass and get in, it will actually cause a significant lifestyle change, which, isnt that what volunteering is about? If he passes, he will have a significant income increase, a more honorable and respectable job, etc.

And more, by running, I now have some common ground with my older brother. We are to run together during the Thanksgiving break.

It has been a long time since I had much of anything in common with which to relate to him.

Also, although indirectly, having become a curator for Teefury, I am now at a position to help artists get printed and gain exposure and through it, I may possibly be able to help someone realize that their talents are worthy of recognition.

I suppose even though I did not end up volunteering for any specific task, I made human connections anyways.

Maybe the volunteering thing not working out was the best thing to happen.

I also have this awesome short story from seeking out volunteering opportunities.

"I met this really cute, awesome, socially conscious, seemingly intelligent girl the other day..."



Wait for it. Wait for it.

"Then I met her boyfriend."



Nothing is Written Design Update

Hopin to make the snake skin pop with some intense specular highlights.

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