Nov 22, 2008

New Design WIP: Nothing is Written & Feline Victor Wong

Watched Lawrence of Arabia on A very good movie, and it's interesting to see Peter O'Toole after having seen him as a elderly King Priam in Troy.

"Truly, for some men, nothing is written until they write it."

After finishing the Samus portrait, I was happy and pleased of my work, I started looking around some forums to which I wanted to post my work, but then I found in comparison to the other work, I sucked. The Samus portrait sucked. Nothing better than to be an artist who is constantly comparing himself to naturally talented geniuses. Feels like it will take all my days of my life to ever catch up to such talent, but at least seeing the possibilities exist, it makes me work harder.

I'm going to assert my will and make this design EPIC, at least, the best I can attempt as far as a t-shirt design goes...

*** Decided not to go to Florida for the Back in Black show. I have the flu, or whatever causes nose to become like a faucet, slight fever, achy body and general lethargy.

*** I posted this picture of a cat the other day...

It's Victor Wong feline form.

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ameeeee said...

Heheheh Jimmy - read this..\Movies\20081121\On-the-Net-Little-Movies.xml&cat=entertainment&subcat=movies&pageid=1

Sorry for long link - but relates to Lawrence of Arabia!