Nov 14, 2008

Interview for The Tampa Tribune

I received an email the other day from a female writer from the Tampa Tribune regarding my participation in the Back in Black Apparel Art Show in St. Petersburg, Florida, on November 22nd.

I hate boring emails so, the discourse (paraphrased) was as follows:

Jimi: "If email, just send the questions over and I will try to answer asap."

Writer-ess: "Love you. Here you go:" (Series of basic interview ques.)

Jimi: "

> Love you.

Oooooo... I love you too! ;)" (Followed by proper thoughtful, grammatically correct, answers.)

Writer-ess: "Glad to know there’s love all around! Also, can you send a pic of yourself? "

Jimi: "

>Also, can you send a pic of yourself?

Hrm. I feel like Im communicating with someone off Jokes Jokes.

Is the attached sufficient? It's been manipulated/Photoshopped. By that I mean, the birds.... are fake.. ha. Also, I had a zit on my forehead that I blended out."

(It's obvious the birds are fake. Sans speech bubble.)

Writer-ess: "Hahah, thanks for the pic. I’m glad we were matched."


Ah... I haven't had good email banter like that for a while. Most emails are so boring and informational. Wait... Most PEOPLE are so boring...

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Anonymous said...

People are boring, but not your email diatribe - it was freakin awesome and very non-boring... Racquetball this weekend? No game on saturday...