Nov 18, 2008

Back in Black T-shirt Exhibit & Sketch

Hydro74 & PaleHorseDesign seem to be working pretty hard to promote the Back in Black show of which I am participant.

I haven't decided whether or not to road trip 13 hours to check the show out. I suppose I don't have anything else to do... It would be some great networking with some of the hottest artists in the industry, and who knows, maybe someone will be like, "Wow, you're jimiyo..."

Peep the promotional video.

Back In Black Art Show from Stephen Schuster on Vimeo.

Also, Hydro74 has put a design for sale on


Press Play


Sketch 111808


kat said...

cool. Thanks for all the wonderful things you had to say :)

ameeeee said...

Jimi - you should totally do the road trip! Do it!!