Oct 5, 2008

VP Debate: Biden / Palin & Voting & New Design

Didn't watch the real debate. Thought the writers of SNL would do a good job summarizing it with their keen wit and non partisan judgment.

Watch Here:


Also, I watched a "you should go vote" propaganda video the other day with celebrities using sarcasm to convince viewers to vote. Unfortunately I do not understand sarcasm, so I took it to heart when they told me not to vote.

It's not like I voted for Obama or McCain to be on the final ticket.

Who voted them in?

And so now that someone else has voted their favorite in, I should go vote for one of them?

No... No... Im consistent throughout... I had no part in choosing the final ticket candidates, so I should have no part in any of it.

BTW, those of you who are so adamant about going to go vote for a President, did you go vote when it was time to elect your senate/congress representative? And did you vote in the primaries?

If you didn't...


Voting would actually matter if the candidates were...

1. Obama
2. McCain
3. Evil Overlord

So then, I would most likely rock the vote, for either Obama or McCain, to make sure Evil Overlord would not take over the seat of power.

But there isnt an Evil Overlord... (Well... insert X Candidate is an Evil Overlord joke here)

And even if there was an Evil Overlord, an Evil Overlord would not wait for a vote to take over.


You would think Heraldry went out years ago, but apparently there's still a market for it.

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