Oct 22, 2008

New Music & Sketchy Junk & GoMedia Tutorial

YAY! They have the new episode of House on Hulu... I recently got Season One... Man... People get old... FAST. Even Jennifer Morrison is looking haggard. Wilson... did lose his boyish looks like House commented.

I wrote a tutorial for GoMedia on Making T-shirt Comps for Clients/Contests. Decent shortcuts and basic useful photoshop tricks. If you don't want to pay for templates, I still have some listed in a Threadless blog free to download.

I've been listening to that downer of a song by Massive Attack, but then today, I found cat pictures and a beautiful new peaceful song to listen to on my artist friend's website.

The song doesn't stream too well, but you can right click, save source.
The song can be found on this page. Autoplay quicktime player on the bottom.

Found something else...

... Wait... WUT?

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