Oct 19, 2008

New Design WIP: Orchestrate the Good Life

Yes, I utilize skulls as symbolism for life/death with great frequency.

Just laying out the basic composition...


Maggie H said...

Wow, this one is really looking good! I like this even more than any of your DBH 10k entries. I love skulls and why not? You see a skull laying out in the desert and what do you do? That's right, you shit your pants, then you run before your skull ends up the same way. That doesn't happen if you see a tibia or a fibula. You exist in your skull, period. You can lose an arm or a leg and still live a long life. You can even get an artificial heart. Lose the skull and it's game over. Anyway, there's a reason there are so many skulls shirts out there, a reason pirates put them on their flags, and a reason they are used on warning labels to let you know something will kill you. Even with so many skull shirts out there, every once in a while (about every two months, I'd say) someone comes along with a skull design that has a completely fresh spin and tells all the NO MORE SKULLS! naysayers to go kiss a cow's neck. This is one of those designs.

So... when's it go on sale, and where??? Maybe I should read the whole post before I comment. It probably says in there somewhere. ANYWAY, good work, Jimi boy. This kicks ass.

jimiyo said...

Hey Maggie and Hopey! :)

Its gonna go on sale at Pale Horse. Ill post the flyer later on this month. It's actually for an art show in Florida in November. WhooHoo!

Maggie H said...

Hey to you too, buddy! Palehorse, huh? Cool! I've been eye-ing those prints-on-wood that they have for months now and maybe this'll give me the incentive to buy everything I want at once. My brother needs something better on his wall than Tool posters and pictures of Russian supermodels and that Ape Cop print fits the bill perfectly AND it's practically Christmas. I always plan to finish my shopping early, maybe this will be the year it actually happens.

By the way, if you do a road trip consider San Francisco. I'm here all week, right at the edge of Chinatown and it is friggin' crazy here, in a good way. I bought a purse/messenger bag that says "Serve the People" in Chinese (Cantonese???), some Chinese comic books I can't read, a huge tarantula embedded in acrylic (a gift), a huge wooden phallus complete with testes that doubles as a bottle opener (also a gift, I swear!), an assortment of Chinese candy, an Obama tshirt, a Mysterious Eyes Jesus (he watches you as you move around the room), and a set of 72 Tria markers at Dick Blick. I ate almond cookies and drank four types of tea in a tea shop, stopped for a minute at the Nob Hill Theater (the sign outside reads, "All Nude Male Review featuring Muscle Man Victor"). Victor was nowhere to be seen but a very friendly and very thin gay man working the door told me he's hot. I took his word for it and kept hiking up the Everest-steep mountain that is called Bush Street. I tried to get a guy who runs a video store to sell me the Hulk poster in his window that was all in Chinese (sadly, he said no even after I held up a $10 bill), had a homeless guy sing me a song for a dollar, called my dad to wish him a happy birthday from an alley that's been converted into 'patio' dining, and had some business man walk up to me on Kearny and say, "has anyone ever told you you look exactly like [Diana? Daniele? somebody]" and had no idea who he was talking about. And I've only been here since Monday night! If you're looking to just hang out on some other planet this is the place to go.

And Hey! Be visible at that art show! Your work is going to attract attention so be sure you're there when people think, "Whoa, who did THIS?!?!" Well, I'm off to get some Mongolian Beef. See ya!

jimiyo said...

That's an awesome story MaggieH. :)

homeless guy singing for a dollar is pretty awesome. dick blick markers! are you an artist as well? thats awesome.

Im planning a road trip to Florida for the upcoming show, its only 11-13 hours, and it will be good to meet ALL the people that might be there, esp the other artists, and the organizers. Hydro74! Nutz. Maybe even Horsebites from the recent Threadless thing! How bout that eh? Awesome Sauce.

It will be a long while before I take another trip to the other side, although, since its close to winter, I do miss Utah...