Oct 25, 2008

Kris Lewis & Finished Design: Orchestrate & New Design Update & Job Offer

Job Offer - Got a pretty sweet freelance job offer the other day... It's still in the works so I ain't countin my chickens just yet. It would be as steady as a freelance gig can be if it works out for me and the business. I hope it works out. Although it's not the creation of art, it would help to promote me on the internet as an artist as well as being fairly valuable for its title. I've never given much credence to name positions, but frankly, people assume or associate too much with position names, and just having a title as BLAH BLAH of BLAH BLAH BLAH will, I think, add much status to my namesake as an artist. Personally IMO, it's just a small position, but the public doesn't think much, and just spitting some fancy titles makes a person seem more important than they really are...

I was an Art Director once... it was mostly a titular title, since I didnt get anything more than 2-3K more than the other artists, and I worked a hella lot harder that the other artists, and much more was laid on my shoulders just so supposedly I could bullshit to people and say I was an AD.

This position... would not be as much bullshit.

Anyways... seg way to Truism Sixteen.

I used to think working hard, being on time, would help me become successful.

Then I found that when you are an employee, sure, those things help, but you also need to know the right people, and kiss the right asses.

So I surmised a theory, working hard, being on time, and even kissing ass, will only work if you work for yourself...

The theory is starting to prove itself.

Thomas Jefferson said, "I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."

It's true.

Truism Sixteen: When you work hard for yourself, shit just falls in your lap.

Excuse the curse, but it makes it more entertaining, and the frankness is perfect for such a saying and is necessary since its just an altered regurgitation of someone else's proverb.

Also, really, for a more literal use. Hopefully it conveys how simply things do occur when you purposely exert effort in creating situations that foster positive happenstance. ;j


New Design: Dark Horse

Nothing else, even romantic love thus far, makes me feel like the process of creating... >:(

Most of the time the feeling is fleeting, but valuable enough I want more of it.

Finished. Possible entry for Pale Horse art show in November. Going to try to do a couple more and pick the best.

Maybe next year... I really want to make something Beautiful. >:(

Kris Lewis


AttilaTheMom said...

Design looks sweet. Good luck with the art show. :)

I like your faces better, they have more expression.

ameeeee said...

The colourway on that orchestrate one is painfully good. I want.