Oct 6, 2008

Finally, Agent Skully from DesignbyHumans.com & Most Shirts Printed


DBH has a new search tool, and you can search by artist.

Although I may not be the most winning-est designer in regards to money and duplicitous wins like shirt of the week/month,


Also my Revelations shirt is the third most Popular shirt on the site after Blackbird's Attack and Tree. ** This could be debatable depending on how they sort the tees. Popularity > Choose "From the Beginning" > GO

** Mine was prior to all over print capability. Just to make sure to Toot my own horn even louder.


Unfortunately, this data in no way correlates to me winning the most money...


I found some old art. Some of these date prior to early 2001.


It would be safe to say that these are a few of my first attempts at creating a finished image after having investigated PS filters and user interface.

They are riddled with Noobish characteristics:

Over use of filters. (twirl, median, Gaussian blur)

Lack of refinement in details.

Muddied color.

Lack of light source and too high of contrast, especially a tendency to over use black.

I remember thinking Firelady was awesome. Even today it seems to hold up, although it obviously needs some cleaning up to do, nevertheless decent for a iamge created with a mouse.

It's tough to paint without a tablet. If you don't have a tablet... Get One.


Andrew Lapinski-Barker said...

up bright and early and I saw on dbh, congrats man

AttilaTheMom said...

congrats on the dbh print. your early stuff is very cool, you create the most interesting characters. :)

Andrew Lapinski-Barker said...

comment on the sketches - do you play warcraft III? hahaha

jimiyo said...

thanks andrea. i wish i could reset my brain back to the old days. i was less inhibited by logic... even in art.

Andrew: hehe. naw. i did however want to work for Blizzard for a long time as a texture/3d modeler artist. ive actually never played WOW, i really just admired their artwork.

Chris Risse said...

lol, you never played WOW?

I'm glad to see you are inspired by sons of the storm, I've followed samwise and metzen since the mid 90's. But, I also prolly have more than 10000 hours invested in the warcraft series. Kinda hard to avoid them when you play their games.