Oct 27, 2008

Calling All Artists - Want to Get Printed?

I have been chosen to be one of TeeFury.com's Art Curators.

Essentially that means, I will be one of the few artists selecting some the designs to be printed at TeeFury.com.

What's in it for you?

1. $1 per shirt sold.

2. No rights are transferred to TF, so you may submit or sell to other contests/clients.

3. Garnering over thousands of visitors daily and growing! you can gain exposure to promote yourself as an artist. *** THIS to me is one of the most beneficial longterm effects of TF. Forget the money, eventually, building a fan base is key to an artist's financial success.

So, if you have a solid design laying around, email me at jimiyo at teefury dot com.
I cannot promise a reply as we will not have time to reply to everyone.

Please take note of these IMPORTANT criteria before submitting.

1. We tend to favor 1-4 color designs. Although we can print as high as 6 colors, unless we can substantiate the higher cost, we will not print 6.

2. Our printing area is restricted to the typical front print, so please, restrain your designs to fit a typical 15x19 ratio.

3. Currently not up for voting or restricted by contractual obligation elsewhere.

I personally will be looking for good quality art, as well as sale ability. There should be a balance. There is a very fine line between losing artistic integrity when trying to achieve a design that is also sellable, but it's just the risk one takes when endeavoring to make a livelihood from their art.

I will not necessarily disregard those who are not in the apparel industry either. Most art is transferable regardless of canvas if you are skilled in your craft, so if you are interested, but don't feel your traditional pencil/ink media would not transfer, contact me anyways.

We cannot reply to every submission.

To submit, send low res jpeg submissions to art at teefury dot com.



Andrew Lapinski-Barker said...

Jimiyo I'm so happy for you and for me maybe :), this is awesome. When I buckle down for my AP Art Digital Portfolio for school I will send you stuff that is printable (don't worry it will definitely be artistic)


MJ said...

Haha, that rules! Congrats on your awesome new title :)

jimiyo said...

yeah MJ, im friggin important! hehehehehehehhehehehehheheheh

im going to crush people feelings because im a hardass... future replies to propositions...

"you suck, why dont you just quit art."

"what, you want tf to lose money? WTF!?"

"you sure you didnt mean to email this to the recycle bin?"

im kidding though. im too subversively "kind" to be outspoken.

aj dimarucot said...

hello mr. jimiyo.. i'd like to show my portfolio at www.collision-theory.com/apparel . I'm really hoping you could consider my work to print at teefury. thank you for your time. haha

artulo said...

Awesome, Jimiyo. That rules! I'll definitely shoot you some work in the near future. You know how much I like to be admonished over electronic messaging.

Jaden Kale said...

Grats on your new position, Jimi! I can't wait to see what you bring to the TF community!

bluchez said...

Congrats Mr. Cooooooool!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jimiyo,I just wanted to let you know I'm starting a site called OpinionTees.com. Before I open it up to the general public I would like to get some really sick shirt designs to launch with. I came across some of your stuff on design by humans and though it would fit in perfect for what my site is all about. The goal of the site is to create a place that opposing points of views can be seen and discussed. I hope you will check out the site and submit some of your designs.
P.S. Your anchor and wings design would definetly get my vote.