Sep 22, 2008

TomTom One XL

Ordered a refurb TomTom XL today. My old TomTom broke.

*** If anyone wants the old TomTom One, it still works. It seems the maps have been corrupted and deleted, but everything else works. To replace the maps legally, it seems it would cost $80+, and I haven't been able to replace them otherwise through downloaded torrents. And going through tech support is not worth it for me. The online tech trouble ticket was a waste of my time. Email me if you are interested. If you are a L337 hax0r, there is documentation on the net on how you can hack it to be a mp3/video player, etc.

I have been thoroughly handicapped without it. I don't know if I have a severely bad sense of direction and memory, or I just prefer not thinking if I don't have too.

Cheap. $150 shipped for a 4.3". The mostly 4-5 star reviews sold me.

Beyond that, I have done nothing. Since early September, I have done nothing.

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