Sep 27, 2008

Threadless Store - Peep the Art

CollisionTheory, my artist friend from the Philippines, won the DBH 10K contest. He's a swell chap. He's helped me get some major freelance gigs, and we have also collaborated previously, and it's a Threadless winner. Our art is in the window! ;j

CollisionTheory's 10K shirt.


MJ said...

Major congrats Jimi, I just saw this new on Threadless :)

That print looks fantastic!

AttilaTheMom said...

congrats on a threadless print! It looks awesome. :)

Andrew Lapinski-Barker said...


MaggieH said...

I'm glad to see the panda got printed but I wish they had chosen the smaller print version. Those HUGE prints look better online than they look on-human, I've found. I'll probably still pick one up, the design is just too cool to pass up.

I also wish you were getting more recognition for your part in this. It would be crass for you to remind the Threadless voters that you were 1/2 of the design team but it would be very appropriate for Collisiontheory to do it (hint, hint). He can afford to be generous after the incredible week he's had!

Speaking of good weeks, you've had a pretty good one too, mister! When Pandas Attack and Fight The Good Fight -- you are on a well-deserved roll. It's nice to see your hard work paying off.

Maggie H. said...

I'm not sure why, but it looks much better on the Threadless product page than it did in the storefront pic. This is one huge print that DOES look good on a human body. Maybe it's the lack of colors that keeps it from being over the top.

This is going to be a fast seller.