Sep 28, 2008

New Stuff

Dang client work. Keeping me from doing nothing.

Possible future collaboration with my roommate.
His name is (Ben)edict.
This could fair very well.
Might be our 'foot in door' in the art gallery arena.
Easy sell.
We could call our collaborative efforts "Benedict."
His first name, my last name.
He's also Filipino, and I'm half Japanese, so we could totally showboat that as part of our shtick.


Rude Retro said...

That tee looks great.

Anonymous said...

Its kind of reminiscient of this:

jimiyo said...

That's because it's supposed to be.

They showed me that dbh design and said, We want a snake and we want brass knuckles.

They declined it though. It was too dissimilar. They want me to get even closer to the design.

I replied in an email that I dont want to copy, and furthermore I no longer want to work with their company if they do not want my style, and I am essentially a copy grunt.

The contact called me, and we had a discussion and reached an agreement. I may write about it.