Sep 25, 2008

New Skull Vectors

You can buy these skull vectors direct from me. Not YouWorkForThem or anyone else. I think I might pursue the whole stock image company idea... I'm having delusions of grandeur and riches. I just need to make the art files, and then, market it, and sell it, and viola, retirement here I come! Although from here to there, it would encompass alot of small hurdles. Even my first sale, I realized, hrm

1. I will need an automated system of emailing the files.
2. Work up the copyright details, usage verbiage, etc.
3. Automated Billing/Invoicing/Customer Service Msg

Here's the first product.


Royalty free, highly detailed, skulls direct from Jimiyo!


AttilaTheMom said...

That's a great idea. What is the market for vectors, who is likely to use them and what is your competition like? Just curious. :)

jimiyo said...

I haven't studied much about the market, and I have no official business plan, but

There seems to be a large market. Since the product is digital and can be distributed easily, the market, is worldwide, with little overhead and expense like shipping, etc.

The target market are designers/artists that create works on t-shirts, magazines, stickers, etc etc. ANYTHING that can be printed on. Obviously, the most easily marketed group would be apparel designers as I am moderately known in the community and can reach them on a closer basis than just shotgun advertising to a group with whom I am unfamiliar.

My competition, I suppose are companies like

and many others.


What I offer is on a higher level of quality than the others.

While most offer one color silhouetted vectors, I am offering artistic quality level vectors with up to 4 colors.

I think silhouetted imagery/vectors are overused/ubiquitous in the market, so people will be interested to see similar priced vectors with much more detail.

In this way, Im not sure if I have competition, because it's as if I am selling semi high end illustration.

It's like Im Coke-a-Cola, and the others are Pepsi, RC Cola, WalMart Brand Cola.

We'll see how it works.

In any case, if I pursue the endeavor, it's easier to keep myself busy with stuff like this. Where as continuously creating illustrations can be difficult.

Also, Ill have a buttload of vectors to make designs with as well.

bloodboyDigitalArts said...

Hey jimiyo .. you did it with the shop.. great , wish you a lot of success,,

cheers tobias