Sep 23, 2008

4th Place in DBH 10K

At least it's a hot looking shirt. One color too.. and they are selling it for $24?

They are going to be making some good margin on this shirt, as well as, for the $1000 payout to me, I did some massive promotions.

Was all the work worth it? Not sure. The $1000 is definitely not worth the time investment, but then

Is having participated and reached the top tier level of the contest worth the time investment? Because theoretically, many new eyes have been exposed to my name and work.

Still feel Defeated, but elated it's finally over. Now I can start workin!

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eyeslikesugar said...

Awww Jimi 4TH!? I was at least expecting 2nd or 3rd if not a winner. Too dope to be 4th. :(

Shana said...

Sad...still don't forget that all your hard marketing work will certainly pay off in future endeavors, since you did, as you said, expose your work to new eyes. exposed yourself!

Arthur said...

jimiyao, do you have an email or place to get in touch with you. I wanted to talk to you about design.


jimiyo said...

ELS: what... not expecting 1st!!?! it is dope... like bel biv divoe! :)

shana: Ha!

arthur: jimiyo @ yahoo dot com.

MJ said...

$24 for a one color shirt is INSANE. And yet I will still be buying- this one is a favorite of mine, so I'm glad it printed but sad it didn't take first.

Coty said...

Your passion will take you far, man. Keep it up and congrats!

eyeslikesugar said...

Jimi: I did say if not, first. ;)

jimiyo said...

i cant readz good. :)

MaggieH said...

When SeaSick Symphony got 5th place I figured nothing else in that competition could surprise me, then you get 4th. WTF???? I really expected those two designs to be the final two but for me it was a coin toss which would win. Both shirts looked SO GOOD.

Imagine my surprise when my two favorites finished 4th and 5th! As much as I love DBH I am often left scratching my head when I see what they choose to print. But I guess they know their audience well because of the final 5 designs collisiontheory's looked the most DBH-ish and it got the most votes. That makes perfect sense in retrospect but it still surprised me when it won. His shirt looks like something I've see before at DBH plenty of times and I thought that would work against it. Guess that shows you what I know. He's your pal and a deserving winner but I was still disappointed. I'm also disappointed that they changed the colors of his design and, in my opinion, took away a lot of its zazz in the process.

$24 seems pretty steep for a 1-color print compared to TeeFury but I'll just wait until the next DBH sale and get it then. They probably figure that these 5 shirts will all be top sellers so they can charge a few dollars more, or else they want to recoup that 10k prize money as quickly as possible. But really, $24 isn't that much. Anyone who walks into Macys or Nordstrom every now and then to buy clothes can tell you that.

I'm very interested to see which of these shirts sells best. As much as I liked them all I always thought yours was the one that would have the most widespread appeal. The CCTV shirt is very cool but doesn't have the same meaning here in the U.S. that it does in the U.K., and that giant, all-over, front-and-back print is the visual equivalent of a car driving by pumping bass as loudly as possible -- it screams, "Look at me!" and I can't be the only person who stopped looking for constant attention somewhere around their 15th birthday. The other 3 shirts are all cool but have a definite DBH look. I can't see Black Hole Sun being printed at Threadless or Uneetee, for example. Your shirt was printed at DBH but would look right in just about any online shirt store catalog so I wouldn't be surprised if many people who hate DBH's abstract* shirts like Fight the Good Fight and make it their first DBH purchase.

*What they would call 'artsy', probably