Aug 21, 2008


Got a call from a client to day. They bought 6 of my old designs with only minor revisions, and are thirsty for more designs. Apparently, they are a mass retailer and distribute approximately 5 million pieces a year, so if my designs are favored by their clients, (they are being taken to Magic) my junk may be pandering to the masses in national level retail chains.


Also, Brad Blackman, pointed out a blog in which I was mentioned.

Watched Lost in Translation last night. I thought it was pretty funny because of the personifacation of the Japanese culture. I could understand about 65% of the Japanese actors were saying which made it a little more humorous.

I watched it on It's free streaming movies and TV shows. Pretty awesome.

Just found the Season 5 of House preview on too. Cherry on top... although it would be nice if season 5 was over so I could watch them all at once... House talks like a British guy in real life. Crazy.

Ah man. It just keeps getting better. They have streaming NewsRadio with Phil Hartman and Andy Dick.


Andrea said...

Congrats! That would be awesome, to walk into a store and go "hey, that looks like a jimi design" and have it be yours.

I love I can watch every season of Eureka now.

House IS a british guy in real life. Watch him on Blackadder sometime.

I am sad that eat drink isn't doing better, but til death do us part turned out wonderfully.

artulo said...

Awesome! That's great news for you Jimi. Major props for that accomplishment.

alanbernard said...

Congratulations dude, you definitely deserve it.

On another note, how's "no smoking" doing for you? I'm having thoughts of doing it myself, I've been smoking for about 12 years and I think it's time to kick it. Seriously though, I don't know how to do it. Some advice is to go cold turkey, and some others say cut it down... hit me up at "" for personal advice please.

Congrats again, bro, it seems quitting has some great side effects as well, ur new stuff is really dope!

SailorButterfly said...

Nice! Sounds like it could be a big break for you. Congratulations and good luck!

jimiyo said...

Andrea: Fingers crossed. I've had other people/companies try to talk up big opportunities, but this company did hype much. It was like we want this, this, this, we'll pay you this. We need it ASAP cause we are going to Magic. Short and sweet.

I'll have to check out Eureka. I love House. I want to be a cripple and carry a cane.

artulo: Thanks man!

Alanbernard: The drug hasnt started to affect me yet. Apparently it takes from a week to two weeks. My friend said for him 20 days to quit totally after it got boring.

SailorB: Thanks Sailor! Awesome FaceYourManga btw. :)

kat said...

Sweeeet! I cross all my fingers and toes for you. Except when walking or standing... I might fall over. Thanks for the info too.