Aug 14, 2008

Till Death Do We Part Finished

Four submissions to the DBH 10K contest so far...

My first submission has been overlooked. (So has my last submission, although its gotten a hefty amount of votes considering it was not featured on the top ten because of the week long sale.)

Apparently not enough wow factor...??? Being an artist sucks when you pour tons of time into something that most people cant do, and something that can be done by a greater range of less skilled artists gets more votes.

Also, the other day, I noticed that I got a comment that said Got My Vote +1... and since it was the first comment, it was obvious by the vote count which was '0', that the person was just lying and politicking. Their design was on the top ten. No doubt by the support of those who thought she probably voted for her design as well.



Anonymous said...

Hey man i really love all the work you do. You really are an inspiration. Just thought you'd like to know its Ne-Yo, not Neko =P

kat said...

I love the changes you made.

Anonymous said...

That has to be the best t-shirt design you have done so far!! And that's saying alot considering all of the great work you do. Well friggin' done. Cheers