Aug 7, 2008

New Design WIP: Souped up Segway & Winner

Homage to Ed Roth. I've pitched a collaboration proposal on this with GodMachine of, and I'm awaiting his answer. His coloring is what this b&w needs.

*** GM Accepted proposal. YAY!

For the month of July, I ended up winning 3 contests, with TeeFury and some small freelance gigs, I earned $2800 with a possibility of an additional $350-$1850 if client work gets approved. Not so bad. It takes so long for the final details of contests and clients to fall through that sometimes it gets nerve racking to wait for payment, if any at all. It's like being a commissioned salesperson. I was planning to make vectors, but I think Im going to continue on the contest track with some freelance work to sustain me. I figure, a couple freelance gigs to pay for my expenses which are very small, and then the rest of the time, art! YAY!


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ameeeee said...

That's very exciting - can't wait for the GM collab.