Aug 4, 2008

HELP! - Eat, Drink, Be Merry Preorder/Fundraising

I am attempting to raise $1100 through individual contributions of $20 for the printing of my Eat, Drink, Be Merry shirt. If you pledge, it will hold $20 until the end of the fundraising timeframe of 26 days. If the goal is reached, I proceed with the order and you will receive the shirt. If the goal is not reached, you will not be charged the $20. Currently US only.

Preorder my shirt!!!

Although this is a no risk endeavor, the possibility of it's total failure to get supporters is a larger hit mentally than losing a contest. Well... not really. Maybe a little. I am aware that while people "love, get inspired by, etc" my work, when it comes down to putting money down, it's usually lip service.

I will be printed on at least 3 sites this month, and Im hoping with that, and some newsletter promotions, myspace, and maybe some blog exposure, I will be able to raise the $1100 to print the tees. If I am unable to raise the funds, it's still not a big loss. Gotta be in it to win it. Gotta try at least.

Even if I get 1/4 of the funds, I might just drop the money to print it. I guess I'm doing this to actually test the viability of my traffic sources and internet marketing. We'll see....


AttilaTheMom said...

Hey, I told you I'd buy one... and I put my credit card where my mouth is. It's a great shirt. :)

Ameeeee said...

Damnit Jimi - I can't do it because I'm in Australia. This upsets me greatly!! I want that tee - I know I can get it later though..haha

ameeeee said...

When you print this, lemme know if you want extra coin for the intern. shipping.

Anonymous said...

hey Jimmy, I would love to send you some money for your shirts. I don't have to have a shirt though, can I send you a check? If so, where do I send it?
I'll see if Anna and Bryan want to get in on it as well.
email me where to send it please: