Aug 16, 2008

Fight the Good Fight & Personal Drivel

Original 'client' retracted interest in this design, so I reverted back to unconverted non halftone image and submitted for the DBH 10K contest. Fingers crossed. It would be really awesome if I could win... It would be Amazing actually.

I'll probably have 6 total entries if I can hack it. Two catered to the public. Gimmick tees... Barf. Although cool, gimmick nonetheless...

It would be awesome if I could complete 10 submissions for DBH, at least then, even if I dont win, I can say, it was a valiant effort on my part, and also I would have 10 designs I could recycle elsewhere in the even they don't place.


I had been moody lately mainly because I started to feel the annoyance of being an artist. Being an artist to me seems to be much about pleasing the audience. Pandering for attention by catering to the masses. Especially participating in contests, I feel that this is more pronouced, as I can see that, if I were to cater my artwork more towards the trends, I would have a better chance at winning more. But then, the true purpose of the artist, which is self expression and to create, would get watered down, and would it not be just another job?

I try to balance my artwork to cater slightly, but most of the time, I usually just do what I want. Unfortunately, I am not at a level where I kick so much ass, that I will win regardless of my efforts.

Anyways, I dispelled my funk today by doing my budget. It seems I have exceeded my original New Years Resolution of making $24K in freelance and contests. Sure 24K is pretty low, but you set your goals according to the possibilities so you don't set yourself up for failure. That's a phrase I learned in corporate. Set up for success/failure.... I've done fairly well for doing mostly what I want to do for this year, and if this is the only year that this is so, at least I can say, when I was 30-31 years old, I did what I wanted, lived how I wanted, and I was happy... (for the most part)

Next year, I'm going to bump the goal to 42K. Almost double my original starting goal, but I think it's doable.

I have a hope, a wish, that soon, once I have settled into being a well oiled machine with my freelance, contests, and other money making schemes, of having a quaint little house, a little away from the public, with two kittens/cats. A nice office with a nice expensive, comfy chair, two large desks, one to work, and another to draw. A large library of art books, and an small room, much like an atrium, where I'll try to grow easy plants like ivy.

A quiet dignified life toiling at my craft, maybe even then, I may even look to see if I can find a woman with whom I can build a relationship, by which I mean, create more complications in my otherwise simple life. LOL. jokes. jokes.

I would name the kitties Buster and Blue, just like the ones I lived with for a few months at the ranch in Utah. They were swell...


ameeeee said...

Jimi that is a great goal - I really hope that you attain it :)

eyeslikesugar said...

Jimi, all I ever wanted, as a little girl was to be an artist. I realized while in art school, that this was not the best goal for me. I'm better at art for personal reasons, and enjoy the excellent art others make. If I had a fraction of the talent you did, I'd feel comfortable calling myself an artist, and I'd be happy. You're doing an excellent job at contests, and you should be very proud at your accomplishments. The best part is you've accumulated friends/fans; including me! =) Keep doing what you're doing, and being a very special person, and I expect fulfillment for you. I think yeah, you have to pander a bit.. but also make stuff for yourself. <3 you Jimi, and I'm excited to see what other amazing works you make. =)

P.S. here's my avatar from your last blog entry :

VERY neat link. =D

jimiyo said...

thanks eyeslikesugar :)

one day, i hope to make you guys really proud!

awesome faceyourmanga yo!