Aug 28, 2008

Chantix Day 10 & Drivel & Tree of Widsom Finished

Finished for DBH 10K. I accomplished my 10 designs for DBH 10K contest. Not a great disappointment if I lose, because at least half could be winners elsewhere or can be sold. This one might be one of my best in a while. It flows alot better than the rest and is interesting to look at. The other ones dont have that umph to ME at least like this one.

Chantix Day 10

I'm still having abnormal dreams, and subsequently, I think I'm sleeping longer. Not necessarily because of the dreams, but because since my sleep has become a restless sleep, I am sleeping longer to recoop the lost rejuvenation time.

I am still smoking, but the quantity has decreased significantly.

The main problem is when I rise from sleep, the medication seems to have been totally absorbed is not longer efficient until I take another pill. So in the morning, although it is still not as pleasant, smoking presents the brain rewarding experience I had before starting the medication.

Though, over the 10 days I have been on the medication, once fully active later on the evening, the neutral feeling of, "Hrm, this cigarette is not enjoyable" has now turned into "Man, this is disgusting." I cannot finish a whole cigarette anymore.

It's akin to smelling something disgusting. Sure you know it will smell, but you smell it anyways, and even after smelling it, don't you at times, allow another smell just to see, yes, that is horrible, I want to throw up? I can't believe how disgusting that is... Egad I think it went down my throat. *Family Guy LOL



More than one of my friends have described me as eccentric or abnormal in a hopefully good way.

Most of my family does not know that crass, but oddly weird humorous side of me, so here are some thoughts I had today. They may not necessarily be funny, pleasant, true, or worth reading.

1. I saw a woman walking on my street today. On her buttcheeks were white powdery stains as if she sat in talcum powder, and a quarter sized dark spot right where her butthole would be. I doubt she pooped herself, just dirty pants. But CHECK YOUR BACKSIDE, you never know when someone as unassuming and forgiving as I will be evaluating your butt and if you've pooped yourself... even just a little.

2. The neighbor's dog is mangy and not well cared for. As he tried unsuccessfully to scratch his front legs, I thought for happiness this dog needs

1. A bath.
2. Good food.
3. Someone to give him affection.
4. Someone for him to give affection.
5. To engage in something entertaining.

And woe, maybe it was just the dog's thoughts about me.


3. Another low brow story.

I averted Great Tragedy today.

As I reached for the faucet after I flushed the toilet, all became calm and still, much like the thick air before tornadoes ravage a land. I looked at the toilet, and it was in slow motion rising like the ebbing tide, not in it's normal velocity, but at an ominous relentless pace.

It would not have been such a tragedy, if I hadn't, I should keep this sophisticated, shall I say, taken a shit and the Matter was dangerously floating atop the man made sea of stank. LOL.

So quickly, almost without hesitation with only an inch from disaster, probably because of the problem solving skills I learned at my fruitless education at MTSU, (fruitless no more!!!), I grabbed the plunger and began plunging, then...

It dawned on me as I plunged, that this may become much more heinous than had originally anticipated as I plunged the Matter began breaking apart into smaller pieces, essentially contaminating the whole volume of toilet. Knawmean?

But Hark! Victory! As quickly as the situation began, the toilet began to empty, but...

Just as a blockbuster action movie, after one disaster is averted, another arises. The plunger rubber had turned itself inside out, and was resistant to returning to it's original form. This, as you can imagine, after plunging a number 2 can be a precarious situation, but just like the movies, where with the last breath the villain tries to take one more shot at the hero, and another protagonist shoots him dead, hark, a multi faceted disaster was squelched, with great relief, no Backsplash whatsoever.

4. Obama talks like the Rock.

5. My friend posed a question, "Do you think those people who don't know you, think you come off as arrogant in your blog?"

Let's break that question down.

By adding other "people" as the judges in the question, my friend averted including himself as the one who may possibly think that I may be arrogant.

By specifying blog, it reduces the situations I am theoretically arrogant, most likely, if I am arrogant in one situation, I am arrogant in general.

My answer was "no."

If I seem to come off as arrogant, it's probably because I am fairly certain of my abilities, NOT exaggerative of my abilities as the word defined is "exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one's own worth or importance". Nor do I under evaluate the lack of skill or importance in comparison to the much greater artists out there in the world. I am decent, but I am not great.

But my confidence does not lie in my artistic abilities, moreover, just my ability to work. Through hard work, one can reach a certain level of skill.

It's unfair to say, that someone who thinks they can move a mountain comprised of a million bricks is arrogant, if that person knows she/he can move 100 bricks a day for 27 years. Is it realistic? No. In my situation however, I can work on my artistic abilities for countless hours a day as my work is conducive to improving my artistic abilities. So yes, theoretically, assuming no major hindrances are encountered, I will become more and more skilled as an artist.

I replied arrogantly, with warning "hey this is my arrogant response",

You know how to make toast? I know how to make toast. I know how to make toast very well, cause I've been making toast for years now. Is it arrogant for you or me to say, yes, I am very adept at making toast, cause I have years of experience, I don't think so. If people want to think I'm arrogant cause I surmise through hard work, I can accomplish goals, that's fine with me.

6. The following phrases make me grimace in disgust

heart of hearts
kindred spirit
less is more
the thing about it is
what i know is
so sick and tired

The following images related to the words, however do not cause a visceral reaction

Two Girls, One Cup
and many others.

I suppose the internet has desensitized my response to horrific, disgusting images, usually sent in seemingly benign links in emails by friends, but the vapid spoken or written word causes much more disgust through it's lack of originality and repetitive overuse.

7. I changed my verbiage in revision to state, I surmise through hard work, instead of I KNOW through hard work.

8. I like cats. Pictures or seeing them in real life makes me smile, almost no matter what. Also, another poop related story. Cat feces and the parasite in them seem to be linked to behaviors such as boldness, ego, etc. I need to get myself some cats, get rid of the reserved timidness.

Here's an article on the findings.

Dizang! She had to point, just in case you didn't notice the horribly misshapen. Very helpful this woman...


ameeeee said...

Oh dear GOD I was not expecting a foot binding picture!

kat said...

You are endlessly entertaining. Totally NOT in a court jester kind of way, but in a movie you watch over and over (grandma's boy) kind of way because it never gets old.