Jul 3, 2008

Searching for Qumran Finished

I'm not sure what this is, but Im glad to have finished it. It's not suitable for any contests, so I guess Ill try to sell it if possible. I didn't enjoy making it because it felt like an exercise in futility, although I did floss up my knowledge/technique on making cloud type smoke, drip/bloody forms, and in general shading/hatching techniques. Meh.

My Americana shirt seems to be doing pretty well at woot. The thread is over the normal amount of comments, and the ones who have received the shirt are very pleased with the printing.

Here's some more crap I wasted quite a bit of time on this week. Only good for practice, cause like the previous, it's like.... WTF is that? I can't tell what it is. Delicious curves though. Crap regardless.


ameeeee said...

I really respect your work ethic Jimi, and also the fact you are so self motivated. I think the change is style is really cool. I feel like the shirt finishes off a bit a abruptly.

Album art or square print FTW!

kat said...

Does it say "Live Life You Lost"? or Live LIfe As Your Last or Live Life If You Lust? In any event, I dig it as a rough draft.

jimiyo said...

ameeeee: I really respect your dedication to being f-ing cool all the time. heheh :) Aye... I couldnt wait to finish that heinous thing. I had a feeling it would go over well at emptees though.

kat: Live Like It's Your Last, but 'Like' can be read as 'Life'. I might do another piece with this type of text but more readable with imagery. In any event, I dig you Kat.