Jul 31, 2008

Fight the Good Fight Update 2


Anonymous said...

god damn where do you have the time to create such awesome works... the timeframe you crank these drawings out on is very fast!

jimiyo said...

thanks for the props T-A.

well, im unemployed aka freelancing.

actually, most of the time i feel that im not spending enough time. i dont know how much i work, but in comparison to the regular 40 hour work week, i dont know if i really work 40 actual hours a week. its tough, i always have this sense that im being irresponsible, even when im sitting around thinking about what to draw, which sometimes can brew for several hours, it doesnt feel like im working. i think that feeling is the biggest downside which causes me to doubt myself. i should time myself, but that would be irrational, but it might help me get a better view. meh.

Renegada Imports said...

Fuck...that is just sick..if it gets printed on anything but black ill buy it instantly!

jimiyo said...

ha. i thought srsly about puttin it on black. would be a nice fade out into black. maybe ill reconsider.

im trying to decide if i should submit to threadless. i cant win there, so it would be like a final blazing wow factor attempt. and if it fails, i will have proven a point. that they hate art there. or at least high ilustration. which might be good to know. i know it has a good chance if its made into a shirt, it could win at a couple other places, so whats 90 days.