Jul 11, 2008

Dont Trust Sales people

I bought a new cell phone today.

The salesperson immediately took me to a specific phone. It was advertised as $120-$60. I knew something was up, because during the sales pitch, he focused on this one product. I even asked, "Is there a reason you are pushing this one?"

I didn't care. I'm a moderately easy sale.

Anything is better than my current which

1. Barely gets service anywhere
2. Even with a new battery loses it charges quickly
3. No longer has a working speaker/receiver function unless through headphones/receiver, though #1 usually negates the utility of the whole thing.

He comes back and tries to tell me that for the same price, I will get some crappy accessories, like a leather case, headphone, and car charger.

"I dont want all that. I'm not gonna rock a cheap leather case, and I don't need a headphone."

"Im trying to take care of you, you are going to be paying the same price."

Well end of the story is, I get checked out by the other clerk after rejecting the accessories, and the total is $50, no rebates.

We used to use this tactic all the time when I was at Dell. 30-40% of the time, the advertised price in the ads or online were not the lowest price available, so we would position another "package" that included high margin additions like warranty, etc, or whatever we needed to sell to hit our metrics, for the same or slightly higher advertised price.

After asking positioning questions and finding out what they need or want, you act like you are doing them a favor. Sir, I have this special package I can give you since you called in, (which actually, you can find on the internet if you researched and probably better sir!) it actually has X, X, and X, that you were looking for. Although it's a few dollars more, it's overall a better value.

I could have been sold if the salesperson had positioned the sales pitch better, but he didnt seem to be an experienced liar.

I thought it was also funny that they had xerox copies of their monthly goals on the counter for all to see. There's no way to hit those metric goals if you keep the customers needs in mind. All you think about is, how can I squeeze this person to hit my goals. Otherwise you are a crappy salesperson.


Don't trust sales people. They really dont have your best interest in mind.

I was a mediocre salespersons. Although when put up to the challenge of hitting goals, I had no qualms with taking people for all I could... I was rich back then. If not for the sales job, it would have taken me many more years to pay off my school debt, car, save money, and buy all the essential art computer products I had gotten years ago.

It's shameful to think that I most likely put hundreds of people into 27.99% interest rate credit plans, and railed them for all the margin I could with the minimal amount of computer. Im sure there are still people out there paying on their computer I put them in over 5 years ago, unless they defaulted.


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Brad Blackman said...

At least you didn't get a shiny Apple-branded brick. http://tinyurl.com/6ntgy7