Jun 18, 2008


Neglected client work a bit, this ones about 75% done. Dont know where I will submit it.

I think once I finish "meet me" Ill get it printed for myself. No contests.


Andrea said...

Did I mention I also bellydance? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. Please let me know if/when/where it gets printed. :D

MaggieH said...

This looks SO GOOD!!!! Can you send me an email when this goes up for sale? It will take me two weeks to open my email to read it but then it'll be an instant buy.

One day a couple years ago when I was in Monterey I found this little Indian import store that was having its grand opening and I picked up a few shirts and pants with namaste symbols (words?) and other Indian elements and I've been hooked on that kind of Indian/Asian/Middle-Eastern stuff ever since. I'm not sure what it is I like about them so much but I think it is because of two main things. First, because they're just different. No smiling food anywhere to be found, no iPods, no penguins, no bad puns, no lame jokes. Also, it seems like the style and subject matter are somewhat traditional and regimented -- ordinarily I'd hate that but since I didn't grow up constantly surrounded by those images they still seem fresh to me -- and those traditional styles have been honed and perfected by hundreds of years of artists' refinements. It's like an endless string of chefs perfecting the same recipe over 1000 years. So what does this have to do with anything? I think I lost my train of thought somewhere. It's late. Anyway, I think what I was getting at was that I've actually gotten kind of bored with that stuff. I was excited when DBH printed shirts like 'Buddha' and 'The Tiger Rider' but at some point I was like "enough already!". The other day when 'Shiva & Parvathi' got printed I thought it was beautiful art but sort of a boring shirt (actually I'm looking at it right now and I'm kind of liking it. maybe it's the sleep deprivation). Anyway, I think what I like so much about 'Belly Dancer' is that it has some definite middle eastern influence without looking like anything familiar. If anything it looks vaguely like a very good OBEY shirt. I think your cultural disconnect may have led to this design being rejected while at the same time leading you to what I think is one of your best shirts ever. This is really, really good and the shades of gray keep it from being gaudy which I must admit most of my Indian/Thai/Persian shirts are.

Good job, Jimi!

Margarette said...

Hey Jimi! I really love this one! It's so nice the way you have incorporated the silhouettes. Simply lovely. Good work on all of your designs!I hope you are well!