Jun 26, 2008

Fall Indie Craft Experience

The application isnt up yet, but Ive decided to try to get in the game again starting this fall. Ill have several months to prepare so Ill probably have some new shirts (and posters hopefully) printed in the next few months unless I waffle like I do sometimes.

If you would like to receive notification when the fall application is available, sign up for our mailing list by sending an email to indiecraftexperience @ gmail.com. Put SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.




I'm bored with the contests. It seems that an income of $15,000 to $20,000 is really not too far to reach for if you can be consistent with your work. I feel like attaining beyond that could be fairly difficult unless you were to land several one hit wonders that have payouts in excess of $3500 like a DBH Shirt of the Month, and a select tee from Threadless. If you can snag a couple of those, I'm confident one could attain beyond 30K considering a select can earn you 10K. Beyond that though, it's difficult. And a 30K income is hardly enough to live on.

If you could combine those winnings with freelance and other passive streams of income, then you are solid. I need to find those other passive streams of income.

Youworkforthem.com has done fairly well for the sale of vectors, but since they are not supposedly for the use of apparel, I have discontinued my aggressive production of vectors. I was notified that one can earn some pretty good dough from TattooJohnny.com though. It's for the production of tattoo flash, which many persons have suggested I explore that avenue since my work is condusive to its market. I may actually attempt it.

Im excited about the last half of this year. It will be difficult to stay on top of it and motivated, but with new deadlines if I get accepted to the ICE show, it will drive me.


MaggieH said...

Here's a contest you should try: http://www.kfog.com/music/lfta/cover_art_contest.asp

Grand Prize
The Grand Prize winner will receive $1000.00, your name in the album credits and 10 copies of KFOG Live from The Archives 15 and a copy of Adobe® Creative Suite® 3 Design Premium software (US retail $1,799.00).

10 finalists (runners-up) will receive with their choice of any one of the following: Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 Extended, Adobe® Illustrator® CS3, Adobe® InDesign® CS3, Adobe® Flash® CS3 Professional, Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS3, Adobe® Acrobat® 8 Professional, Adobe® Fireworks® CS3.

It's for a good cause, and some of the previous winners were kind of lame. Maybe that's a good sign and the competition is weak, or maybe it's a bad sign and the judges have poor taste? Who knows? Anyway, I really think your art would be perfect for CD covers.

MaggieH said...

"...considering a select can earn you 10K"

Wha? Half of those Selects just end up as Thriftees because nobody wants them, and it seems suspicious that a few of the Threadless blogtards end up with multiple Selects even after their first did nothing but occupy a shelf in the Threadless warehouse. It never bugged me until I saw that something like this monstrosity could earn someone what it takes me months to make: http://www.threadless.com/product/645/Good_Luck

Anyway, I read shantyshawn's suggestion on Emptees that you design tattoos and I think it is an EXCELLENT idea. I'm glad you are listening to him. I am not inked and don't ever plan to be but I still buy a tattoo magazine a couple times a year when I'm in 7-11 and there's a line at the Big Gulp machine. I like art of all kinds and there's something fascinating about what people will choose to have permanently applied to their skin. So, having seen a lot of tattoos I'd have to agree that your style fits that demographic perfectly.