Jun 10, 2008

DBH Submissions

Newsletter 06.07.08

PLEASE VOTE http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/16907


artulo said...

Great work, Jimiyo. Voted at DBH. Thanks for all the tips and tricks as well as encouragement!

MaggieH said...

I'm glad you listened to whoever at DBH or Emptees who suggested you add something to the bottom. I like how it has the shape of a crest or a shield. I really think DBH is going to print this one.

The only question is will they also print the second version? They already have a huge skull shirt (http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/detail/764?category=mens)
but yours is better in both execution and placement. So if they print V.1 as I predict will they also print V.2? If it were anyone else I'd say no but DBH just might. I hope they do because both versions really work well.

What if they don't? Could you submit V.2 to Uneetee or Enclothe or anyone else, or would it violate a DBH copyright since it would be a part of a larger DBH design? Hopefully DBH will do the right thing, print both, and we won't have to find out.

Good luck, Jimmy!