May 27, 2008

Sawdust and Diamonds

Joanna Newsom - Sawdust and Diamonds



Andrea said...

That is just lovely. And I spent my 'stimulus' check on her cd and your new dbh shirt, among other things. :) yay for economic stimulus!

kat said...

I like where this one is going.

jimiyo said...

andrea: sweet yo! hey, next time you want a dbh shirt, let me know, if you pay shipping, i can use my credit over there to buy you one. serious. ;j

kat: wooooord. im not sure about this one... its got some compositional issues, but oh well. we'll see. i saw another good movie the other day... into the wild. i had started readin the book and didnt finish.

kat said...

I LOVED Into The Wild... actually thought it was better than the book. I think I set a record for most tears shed during one movie though.

jimiyo said...

kat: Do you have any recommendations on other movies? I'm looking for moving and heart tuggers. Seems, even though I'm doing what I want, there's something missing that I can at least derive from the imaginary.

Andrea said...

Movies that have moved me: Old Yeller, Bridge to Terebithia, Bagdad cafe, Brazil, An Affair to Remember, E.T., Dead Poets Society. I'll post others if I think of them.

Shana said...

Whale Rider always makes me cry. (and no, not the porn version)

jimiyo said...

Hey Andrea and Shana:

Ill have to check those out. Ive seen most of those. Affair to Remember, and Whale Rider are the only ones I havent seen.

I just got a tear jerker - Big Trouble in Little China. hehe. ;j

kat said...

yo, jimiyo. I can't remember what made me cry, but some of the best movies I've seen lately are:

Off the Map
Broken English
The Station Agent
Twelve and Holding
Friends With Money
Happy Endings
The Last Kiss
March of the Pengins totally made me cry.

oh, and the TBS series Into The West made me cry my eyes out like 20 times.