May 21, 2008

Retarded Detail

I think this piece WILL be EPIC with the amount of detail that is already in it, Ill have to do it in a similar fashion for the rest to create compositional unity.

I think Ive decided to have a phoenix coming out from where the heart would be located, since it has colorful wings, and I want to add fire rising up to the reaching hand, swirling around it, then have the phoenix's typical peacock like tail to frame the whole image in a semi circular form. Possible a pile of dust with a skull near the bottom to represent our inevitable demise regardless of our spirit.

I had a thought when I went for a drive. It would be most generous to offer the $2000 booty to a help China charity for these entries. I dont know though... obstacle is winning the Threadless loves Lollapalooza contest to even be able to offer such a gift.

The contest revolves around the word Lollapalooza which apparently means something wonderful.

What would be a better representation of the art? If I did something on the Unity of Mankind to Help those in Need than to create a killer design and with the prize money, do what the art represents?

What is $2000 if it can save or feed even just one person?

1 comment:

JeanWarhol said...

yeah i have one in the waiting for a daily over at woot. thanks for the comment. love your work. i need to learn to color like you.