May 7, 2008

Portrait, New Derby Entry

Update in the morning Thursday.

I revised a design for my client and they liked it much better. They are going to try to rush print it before Friday for the presentation to Walmart. Wooo! Although I hate revisions, they do make me push the piece a little further. Just like when someone issues a challenge... I am more motivated by lack of praise than otherwise. That's why I blog often, no one ever comments. HAHHAAH

Wait, you know.. Guys, you only really comment when I post something negative or candidly truthful. (With the exception of my thank you post)

Like work, crappy tee designs, pet peeves, or life disappointments...

I should think about it and cater my posts to tickle your fancy.

Anyways, I think my Uneetee submission is a confirmed loser. The voting time is over.

BTW, I hate the wording "in your/my heart of hearts."

My Threadless design is up for voting. Please vote... and COMMENT!

My Submission


I work throughout the night while other humanoids sleep. It affords me the luxury to go outside to water the bushes under the cover of darkness. It's the only thing similar to my desert experience in Utah. Anytime I had to pee, I would just go outside since the lavatory was at least 50 yards away, and eureka, outside was only a few steps.

Anyways, last night, while I enjoyed the calm, quiet night, I farted. And woe, so loud was it's roar, that it woke up the next door neighbors dog who barks constantly if it is awake. Thus setting off a chain reaction ending in the whole neighborhood of dogs barking. Such a clatter it was, lights went on throughout the neighborhood, and soon the police were driving through with their spotlights. News vans drove in and out of the neighborhood as well.

All from a single fart, which was begun from my urge to conserve water.

This story really never happened, but I thought about it while I urinated.

I like crass humor. Tis All.

Im spending too much time on this derby piece. I feel like, wow, Im sinking over 15 hours into this thing, and Im going to lose. At least it will be a good solid portfolio piece, not that I need any more pieces, but the learning of cartooning should be helpful. Nothing is ever a total loss...

I am uncertain when I last went to bed...



kat said...

I always comment, fool! ...sucka .. foolish sucka! (from the film Eagle vs. Shark, which you MUST watch) seriously though, I comment all of the time!

ameeeee said...

Yo, I love that you post regularly! Go Jimi!