May 19, 2008


1. Got my stimulus check today. Im spending it on gas.

2. There is an ornery housewife in the neighborhood who guns her fancy SUV past the other housewife in the fancy SUV often around 6-7:30 am on my parents street. The conclusions I derive from this is

a. Fancy SUVs will not cause you to remain happy

b. Having children will not cause you to be happy and not experience road rage at 7 in the morning. And from this conclusion, I derived these thoughts:

b1. Do not have children, or possibly, do not have children that you take to school, in conjunction with owning a fancy SUV.

b2. Starting the day out with road rage probably has a negative effect on the rest of the day, for more than one person. I am glad that I am not this person's child or husband.

b3. This has occurred 3 times on the rare occassion that I am up workin in the morning. So this must occur much more often.

3. There is now an exciting product available for home consumers that aids in making sandwiches. They have lunch meat, ALREADY stacked and separated for ease of construction, just like they do at SUBWAY. YEAH. CRAZY!

4. I found this artist by mistake. He draws women. Sometimes naked, but the line work is excellent. Reminiscent of Frazetta. Apparently, illustration is only a hobby. His job does not seem to do anything with drawing. Unfortunate. His updates are less frequent this year...

5. From the previous artist's blog, I also found

HIS LINKS to other artist's is a treasure chest of goodness.


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Jason Meek said...

Thanks a whole bunch for mentioning me on your blog! Mighty considerate of you. And it is too true about not updating very often the the recent past (last few years). There are times when your priorities change from drawing half naked to all the way naked girls to trying to meet a deadline on a project (because grass grows faster than I can draw) or I get hypnotized by the flashy cover of GTA4 with its subliminal messages of "playing for another 10 hours is good for you." Seriously, I need some sort of 12 step program to kick the habit.

What I'm trying to say is, is your blog/art is fantastic. Very bold and (of course) graphic. And yet all the single elements add up to make a giant eye pleasing/catching design. You've done impressed me.