May 2, 2008

Fly N Pugsly -

I thought I had a good idea, but Im not too keen on this week's entry. Truly a exercise in futility. At least maybe, I've learned some cartooning skills or something, even if a smidge.

If you want to go vote for it... CLICK HERE

I've started on next week's derby entry. The booty is $2000 and then some, so Im gonna try to do my best. Not that it's ever proved to be a good thing to do artwork that is typical of my style, but oh well, its all I got.

I have two high end freelance shirts, and this derby entry. I figure after that week, Ill take some time off cause until the 9th... Im SUPER SLAMMED. I hope I win at Uneetee... I'll feel better if I have some income.


I need to give myself a pep talk. Hey Jimi, youre working too hard, not smart. Shape up.


New Video


kat said...

I think it's hilarious. I like the little details you add that make the whole design.. here it's "durn". Yesterday I was wearing your owl shirt to the farmer's market and I bought some cheese and thought that my shirt says "send help .... or cheez". I love those little funny bits.

kat said...

DANG! That video is bad ass and completely mesmerizing.