Apr 23, 2008

Threadless Entry Finished

I finished my Threadless entry in the wee hours this morning. Im not revealing it, until I submit it. Unless you are in the inner circle, which means you signed up for my newsletter by sending an email to jimiyo.com(at)gmail.com

Here's two more US politcal visages that will don the chest of the design.

I've been lurking on Threadless as I never go there. It's been about three years since I submitted anything so the shirts in my portfolio are teh suck.

I've checked out their printed goods, and there is some might competition there, and there also seems to be some designs that are incredibly well done that don't get printed.

I'm getting prepared mentally to lose several contests with what I might consider worthy work. I wonder how many entries it will take to win at Threadless, if at all? I should start a betting pool.

... I know these are a little jacked up compared to Lincoln and Hamilton, but they've been modified in post.

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