Apr 11, 2008

I'm going to be a daddy...

...of a new Cintiq 20WSX.

** Mmm, An hour past, like the chill of an upcoming storm, buyer's remorse... it is $2000 after all. BUT I NEEDZ IT. Every actual review reads well. These reviews being by actual artists, not just a website trying to sell the product.

The biggest selling point is all reviews mention that it "speeds up art production" by "tenfold" one review commented.

I do have a tendency to draw on paper, scan, and digitize. The ole large format scanner is starting to break down as well. Im especially excited about being able to ink directly. Usually I have to go over the line art with paths, or do a couple runs with manual pen to tablet.

I think, or I hope, the end result of the 'investment' will be quickened production, as well as aesthetically, result in more free flowing, more natural line work. I think this will show in a few months.

Once I start droppin bombs...

*** Oh man! Mmmm, two hours later as I work inking a drawing... I CANT WAIT TO GET MY CINTIQ!


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Zenne said...

Man! I want one of those. I don't think I could make myself drop that much money at once. :p

kat said...

Wow... that thing looks sweet! It will totally be worth it.