Apr 28, 2008

Goal Results & Finished Keep Fierce Design & Mary Update

*** Started migrating my software to the new computer, up from P(D)2.8 to 2.4 Ghz Core2Quad with 3 Gigs. It's DELICIOUSLY faster!

Goals, Week One of the War, April 21

1. Finish at least two designs. Stretch goal 3. - Finished 2, Started Extensive 3rd
2. Practice Moonlight Sonata on Piano. - First Page at 80% Accuracy
3. Notice of Allowance - Trademark - Unavailable for Submission until Status Change
4. Start War Journal HTML Page - Started

Goals, Week Two of the War, April 28

1. Finish Two Designs, Work on Mother Mary Piece
2. Submit Finished Tattoo Design
3. Advertise/List All sizes available per shirt. One shirt a day.
4. Continue War Journal
5. Send out newsletter
6. Post/Comment at Threadless
7. Set up new computer

Although I've been criticized for "all the tattoo stuff is just piled on with no rhyme, reason or flow." I'm actually quite happy with the final product. I do know that I do borrow many themes and imagery from those I am inspired by, so yes, I lack creativity in the originality department, but as far as composition and creating a new images from all those things I borrow from, I think I am fairly good. The main deterrent from creating new and exciting imagery is my lack of drawing ability. I see things in my head that I would like to create but without heavy reference, anatomny, shape, shading is pretty haphazard. Maybe one day...

Typical Shirt Comp

Ugly and Gaudy version.

Update on Mother - I am eternally grateful Design.

I think this is going to be a tough one to finish. I see too many things I want to clutter the piece with. Don't try to hate on my affinity for destroying a simplistic design with details. If I wanted to make simple stuff, I would draw happy cartoons. Maybe one day on that too. I should choose a month where I let everyone tell me what to do, and truly sell out.

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