Apr 18, 2008

Freedom & Shirt.Woot.Com

I thought I would never submit to shirt.woot.com, but they raised the stakes to $1000, and I told Ali from ASK Apparel that I would actualize her idea. Here it tis!


That's one design off the whiteboard... about 20 more to go! ;j

I've finished my military designs for Paramount. They may come back with some easy revisions, but since the due date is May 1st, I'm well ahead of schedule.

Im considering the following for the next few weeks:

1. All Jimiyo tees to be put on Etsy
2. Possible second more focused entry to OBEY/Metropark contest
3. Attempt Woot Daily submission
4. Finish Davy Jones Locker
5. Apocalypse Chimp entry for Threadless
6. Finish Joanna Newsom portrait
7. Are you ready to rock? entry for Threadless
8. Update website/promote

We'll see.

My artwork has recently been critiqued. The main consensus is that since I include so much detail in my work there is usually a lack of focus. I can understand that as a valid critique. I'm not sure if I am ready to swallow the whole critique as being substantial enough to alter my methods. I understand wholly the concept of focal point, and other art fundamentals, but I feel that overly busy detail has become my main schtick. I dont haphazardly vomit detail without any sense of logic or purpose. Most of the object in the images I create are usually all intertwined in a complex weaving of objects and design elements like lines, and curved weaving linework. If I were to be placing such elements without thought, then I would take the critique into consideration. I just hate to think I would change my style for some one's opinion. I could see if I were to do so though, that my art might be well received by a larger audience, still...


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