Apr 3, 2008

Can I crash at your place? & T-shirt Blog

I think Im heading to the city on Friday. Can I crash at your place?

I'll be busy with client work the next couple weeks so I thought I'd highlight some great T-shirt Blogs.

T addict - Even before I wandered over to check out the site, Justin was already pimping my work. He's a really awesome dood. He put a seed in my brain that might one day flourish into action about going to the Magic show one year to pimp my work.

Compete-tee-tion - MJ who runs the site is a mysterious being. I think she's actually part cyborg. I find her internet persona intriguing. All I know of her, is that she has good opinions, and is getting some free Jimiyo t-shirts sometime in the near future. Oh yeah, the site is about any and every t-shirt contest out there.

One, I imagine, could make a living out of being a PCW, professional contest winner.

I'm torn between being a PCW, or cranking out some really awesome stock vectors to sell on my own, or creating my own Jimiyo apparel line dynasty. ha!

Heres a peak at some client work. 9 more to go.


kat said...

I vote for the dynasty, dude. parties. word.

Shana said...

Scientist boy says you can come snuggle in with us. You sleep in the middle ;)

Waterrose said...

wow your artwork is so detailed...love it.

Rick Bradley said...

You can always crash on the Indiana pull-out.