Apr 15, 2008

3 to go & Stock Illustration

I hope to wrap up my military freelance gig by the end of this week.

Cintiq is due for arrival on the 16th. Im excited. I think it will really help me reach a new level with art and speed. I noticed on this Army design, I was constantly reworking my linework. The disconnect from the tablet to the screen, even after several years of use, is still troublesome. Although I worry that I will lose the desire to draw on paper forever FOREVER, if this Cintiq thing really works well.

My birthday is coming... Im gonna have to go think about it.


Go vote for my Metropark design!

and my DesignbyHumans.com Design


I had this idea. Sell my designs as stock illustrations. Non exclusive.

Instead of selling a design for $350-$1000, why not $50, to multiple people?

I'm not sure if any fish will bite, but I figure I'd at least test it out.

This is my first design. Here is the link to buy it.

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