Mar 24, 2008

Truths for Aspiring Artists who want to Make Money

1. It does not pay to be truly original. Well, there are exceptions, but the road to wealth is easier to achieve with doing what's been done, just slightly different.

2. Time and skill expended do not transfer into more value by the majority of the art audience.

3. Cute and clever ideas that are easy to understand sell best. The easier it is for the art audience to understand the better. Provided they can read, text is helpful.

Perfect example. "Life is Good."

Most people are simple.
Most people don't brood like you artist.

4. Whether you sell to the public, or to other artists, there will be enemies on both sides who say you are wrong for what you are doing.

Sell to the masses, you are selling out and other artists don't respect you.
Sell to the artists by doing art for "art's sake", the masses will reject you.

5. Don't expect people to love your work, unless you go out and tell them to love it, by pimping it as hard as you can without shame. You get what you ask for.

Do you have pets? Of the two, who do you give more attention to? The one who asks for love and is always looking for it? Or the one who's independent and is aloof?

6. Find the right market. If one doesn't work, don't cling onto it cause your scared to lose what little absolution you receive from it. There are always bigger ponds, and subsequently, room to be a bigger fish.

7. All these truism can be circumvented, and you can make your own rules, because you are an artist.

You create.


rachel said...

I'm sad you pulled your designs from the shirt.woot derby, I came along too late to buy some of your earlier shirts. I look forward to picking up your shirts elsewhere!

kat said...

sometimes it blows me away how insightful you are.

taddict said...

well said

Eric said...

Boo this man! BOOO!

Just kidding. Sell out.

Missin' U.