Mar 5, 2008

Prodcutivity at 0%... Spelling at F-

I came to a momentous decision about my plans, so now, hopefully for a short hiatus, I have mentally shut down, and am uncontrollably at a total halt artwise. I will leave you in suspense about this decision, but I wanted to assure you, internet audience, I am not getting a sex change, nor am I thinking about getting a new hair style.

In the mean while,

For you TSHIRT fans,

James Cho
, my new friend, alerted me about EMPTEES. It is just a site where people showcase their shirt designs, regardless of whether they are on sale, being voted one, etc etc. A good place to get a good view of the eclectic types of designs out there in consumerland.


ps. I stole this new exciting word MOMENTOUS from listening to IPR. Apparently it means of great importance.


kat said...

You can't stop arting.

kat said...

because you're my inspiration (not like in that stupid song)