Mar 26, 2008

Next Up: Tattooed Pig & Alabama & 12 Military Tees

This is my last post for the week. Im leaving the ranch heading towards Alabama which is 1800+ miles.

I'm actually quite glad to disconnect from the Matrix and disappear for a short bit. If the internet was not integral to my livelihood, I would wish to disconnect from it permanently. Maybe while Im on the road, the two shirts that are contest winners will finally be put up for sale. That would be a nice treat.

I am more sad to leave the ranch than I was to leave Nashville.

It seems I have given up many things the last few years that I really held dear under the precept of sacrificing for a larger picture, a closer step towards making a dream come true.

... As soon as I get to Alabama, I have 12 military designs to knock out. I wish I hadnt taken the gig because I have so many other personal projects Im excited about.

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jay said...

safe trip.